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The instructions of the Lord are perfect reviving the soul.
~ Psalm 19:7(NLB)


My Redeemer Lives


May the blessings of Our Lord Jesus Christ be upon the readers, hearers, and doers of His Word.


For those of you who are overwhelmed with grief and pain, the Lord feels your pain. He sees through your eyes into what you are thinking; He watches you every day. He sees your struggles and wants you to break free. What would that entail?


In order to be effective, you must do more than quote scripture. Actually, you must see yourself the way He sees you. Are you valiant, courageous, and full of faith? Or do you run from Him when things get tough? Do you hide when you fall from grace? Or do you run to Him when things go awry? Again, my beloved, Jesus feels for you. He wept over Lazarus. Why--because he was the King’s kid. With this as our foundation, Satan, the accuser wants you to listen to his lies. His very nature is counterfeit. In Isaiah 14, the Wicked One stated that he would rise above the throne room, above the stars. The stars represent angels. He wants to be back in position. In Ezekiel Ch. 28, Jehovah, The Almighty King of Glory answered back by stating that Satan was just a mere man. He was a fraud, a liar. This all started when the devil was in position, at a time when he chose to be independent.


This lesson is simple; if you want the blessing, learn to rely on Christ’s Spirit to lead your every step. When you face various trials you must realize that these trials are to show you what is already in your heart. It is not what goes into you that defiles you, but what comes out. Forgiveness is essential to every believer. Not when it feels convenient, but immediately so that roots do not get created. We demolish strongholds by taking our thoughts captive, (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). As Satan exalted himself, Jesus watched as he was thrown from heaven like lightning. Then he was changed into the ugliest creature ever created—a dragon.

The second thing we wish for you is to walk in faith. Faith works in love (Galatians 5:6). Love casts out all fear. Love walks on water; love forgives when it is being wronged. It keeps no record of wrongs. Faith believes all things, hopes in the darkest of situations. The opposite of counterfeit is genuine. Fight the good fight (1 Timothy 6:12) by dying to yourself (Hebrews 11:13), and praying in the Spirit (Matthew 21:22). The Lord knows the soul is in adversity. He saves and redeems your life from all adversity (2 Samuel 4:9), but we must continue in faith. Let brotherly love continue (Hebrews 13:1). The power of God is given to those who love and are willing to embarrass themselves for Christ. He will supply all of your needs for riches and glory (Philippians 4:19). Your redeemer lives. Praise Him for good and the bad, for in doing so, He will find honor from you.



Be blessed, Brother James Soulshaker Ministries