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The instructions of the Lord are perfect reviving the soul.~ Psalm 19:7(NLB)





May the blessings of Our Lord Jesus Christ be upon the readers, hearers, and doers of His Word.

I renounce and break all generational curses of pride, rebellion, lust, poverty, witchcraft, idolatry, death, destruction, failure, sickness, infirmity, fear, schizophrenia, and rejection in THE NAME OF JESUS.

I command all generational curses associated with hereditary spirits to cease in my life. All curses must be cast out from my life in THE NAME OF JESUS. I command all spirits of lust, perversion, adultery, fornication; pornography, uncleanness, and immortality come out of my sexual nature, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.



I command all spirits of confusion, forgetfulness, mind-control, delusion, offense, spirits of python, double-mindedness, mind-binding spirits, fantasy, pain, lofty arguments, pride, and memories of past failure and past hurt to come out of my mind, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

I break all curses at the root, ALL: bitterness, rejection, rebellion, witchcraft, sorcery, and offense—I command you in THE NAME OF JESUS to return to the dry places. I command you to pay up in the NAME OF JESUS. No longer will you produce your fruit in my life. I plead the Blood of Jesus over my mind, over my body, over my soul and over my spirit. Jesus is Lord over my life; He alone is my Savior, my Provider, My Banner, My Deliverer; Jesus is my Healer, He is my Peace, He is my Redeemer, and He lives forevermore in me.


I receive the Blood of JESUS to cover me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. His Blood heals all my wounds of the past. I receive the love of JESUS to fill me and remove all deep-rooted issues in me: all counterfeit spirits, all familiar spirits, and any word curse spoken over me, or that dwelt in me. I am a child of the Most High, an Heir to the throne of God. I will receive all blessings and favor and am hedged in before and after.
img2 I am the head and not the tail; the covenant given to the sons and daughters of the Abraham Covenant are mine. All the promises to the descendants of Isaac I receive. All Blessings which are given to the descendants of Jacob are mine. I increase in honor in abundance-- for what God has for me cannot be forfeited. My heart is Jesus’. Lord, teach me how to keep it with all diligence, knowing that out of it flow the issues of life, and I desire to only be filled with the Love of God that I may rest in Him, and flow in your love, in THE NAME OF JESUS. Amen and Amen.

My brothers and sisters of the Lord, if you will say these words daily, it will bring deliverance to your life. If you choose to download this prayer, then let it be done without reproduction. May each of you examine your life as to where the Holy Spirit is leading you to repent, and be quick to forgive all, that your prayers might not be hindered in any way.


Soulshaker Ministries is fully self-supporting; your contributions make it possible for hundreds, even thousands, of lonely inmates to receive these words of encouragement. Be a blessing to those who have failed; many of us need grace. We, too, ought to provide grace for judgment. We are being cleaned from the inside out; therefore, we believe in reaching the imprisoned prior to release that those who re-enter society have a great opportunity to be fishers of men, as well. This will greatly reduce crime, taxes, needless separation of family and children, and save a multitude that the kingdom codes may proceed to increase until the day of redemption.

My friend, if you have not been baptized in water, we would recommend that you do so with a church that teaches what the apostles taught. We also want to state that if you have not
received the laying on of hands to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, you are hindering the Holy Spirit from fully using you and the gifts that He has for you. This is Soulshaker’s desire:
that all come to the Five-Fold Ministry, repent, become holy, and walk after the Spirit that lives may be changed
and souls may be saved.

We ask you to pray for that we may continue to decrease that He may increase, in not only our lives but the lives of those to whom we are reaching out. We are seeking help that an outreach center in San Antonio may come forth. Our desire is to teach and reach young men and women through music, as well as teach the basics of the Christian life and holy lifestyles which are pleasing to the Lord. Our goal is to have an outreach center in every major city in Texas and beyond. If you would like to be placed on our mailing list, please send your information to or to:


Soulshaker Ministries
P.O. Box 6593
San Antonio, TX 78209

Brother James
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