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The instructions of the Lord are perfect reviving the soul.
~ Psalm 19:7(NLB)


Just Drop it at

The Foot of the Cross



Greetings my brothers and sisters, who are chained together around the world
in the unity of the spirit through our Lord Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory and
dominion, power and praise, honor and blessing forever.


In this series, our goal is to encourage and edify the saints of God by coming together in
agreement with the word of God while maintaining the presence of God in our lives.
Nothing steals our joy more than independence from God.


The biggest obstacle I've encountered in ministry to believers is dislodging the false teaching
and beliefs they've been exposed to. The next issue is experience and past events. One may
choose to relive events as though they are current. After a service I met a woman who was in
her early fifties. After greeting her, she spoke of sexual abuse which occurred in her adolescence.
In her mindset, she was reliving the events as though they were reality. It was devastating
and unwarranted. However, she built walls to protect herself out of fear. The very protection
she created was to keep her safe. Unfortunately, it also would not allow God's word access to
her heart. She was saved, yet, she chose independence by trusting in her methods of protection.
That brought a life of cursing, not blessing. Unforgiveness is a tactic of the enemy. It brings a curse.
These walls erected falsehoods that she could not trust anyone, not even God. "Godly sorrow
produces repentance leading into salvation, not to be regretted, but the sorrow of the world
produces death." II Corinthians 7:10 NKJV. It is our Father's job to protect us.


Jesus and the Father are as one and Jesus tore the wall of hostility down, a wall which ushered
in the oppressed, the weary, and the backslider. His message and work is still the same yesterday,
today, and forever. In this series of "Blessings and Curses", Soulshaker Ministries believes in the
oppressed coming to Christ fully. "He makes all things new, Revelation 21:5 NKJV. Amen? In the
spiritual realm, the oppressor never volunteers to release the offended nor the oppressed.
Strongholds are the very "walls" we've discussed. They are blinding and deafening. They keep
us in a state of confusion. Ask yourself, "Am I enjoying the blessing or suffering at the curse?"
The power of Christ renews, restores, revives, and replenishes the double minded and the
destitute. He chose the foolish to confound the wise.

Those who need a doctor easily cry out for a Savior who can and will treat them. He loves you
right where you are. "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord Psalm 118:26 NKJV."
1 Peter 5:7 tells us to "cast all of our cares upon the Lord�" "Casting" in the Greek is the same
as "hurling" in the English, as though you have been carrying something over your back- like
baggage. Drop off your bag filled with gripes, discontentment, all grief and shame.



Just drop it at

the foot of the Cross.