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The instructions of theĀ LordĀ are perfect reviving the soul.~ Psalm 19:7(NLB)



James Peters, founder of Soulshaker Ministries has a passion for men and women who have been imprisoned by man and embondaged by dead works.



Soulshaker Ministries is fully self-supporting; your contributions make it possible for hundreds, even thousands, of lonely inmates to receive these words of encouragement. Be a blessing to those who have failed; many of us need grace. We, too, ought to provide grace for judgment. We are being cleaned from the inside out; therefore, we believe in reaching the imprisoned prior to release that those who re-enter society have a great opportunity to be fishers of men, as well.

This will greatly reduce crime, taxes, needless separation of family and children, and save a multitude that the kingdom codes may proceed to increase until the day of redemption. My friend, if you have not been baptized in water, we would recommend that you do so with a church that teaches what the apostles taught. We also want to state that if you have not received the laying on of hands to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, you are hindering the Holy Spirit from fully


Soulshaker Ministries is completely different according to James because he is wanting to start an outreach center which will touch the entire family of the incarcerated. James challenges free men to assist Soulshaker Ministries with their ideas and needs all attributing and contributing men and women to help him with this vision of a New America. Together we can reach the unreachable.